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stefoffanie (profile) wrote,
on 5-30-2004 at 8:28pm
Music: mudvayne
MMzundastood0901 [8:19 PM]: hi
MMzundastood0901 [8:19 PM]: i am bulimic
MMzundastood0901 [8:19 PM]: i had a quesiton about it maybe u know
Stefi89 [8:20 PM]: what ?? who are you?
MMzundastood0901 [8:20 PM]: i wuz searchin profiles for the word bulimia
MMzundastood0901 [8:20 PM]: i need to ask a bulimic a question
Stefi89 [8:20 PM]: umm im not bulimic
Stefi89 [8:20 PM]: its a song by the used....but ask ne way maybe i know
MMzundastood0901 [8:21 PM]: o
MMzundastood0901 [8:21 PM]: ok
Stefi89 [8:21 PM]: yeah
MMzundastood0901 [8:21 PM]: y do u bleed when u throw up
Stefi89 [8:22 PM]: i dunno?
Stefi89 [8:22 PM]: maybe cause it is unnatural to throw up your food and very nasty
Stefi89 [8:22 PM]: so you should stop

yeah and it went on that was very very interesting......u dont usually get that from some stranger..

oh well..

im gonna go watch the sunday stew...and do other stuff ;)

<33 stef
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05-30-04 9:00pm

Wtf who asks that kind of stuff??
Speaking of stuff..
Yah you were talking about masturbation. No need to hide it ;)

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Re:, 05-31-04 11:09am

hehehhe ;)

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random`', 06-03-04 1:10pm

your from ft.myers? hey i live in ft.myers =\ i hate it here ! lol well, bye bye

s t e p h a n i e

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