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amber07 (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2004 at 6:31pm
Current mood: happy
Subject: ThE wEeKeNd
Hey everybody!!! this weekendz been pretty good!!! We left to go to Myrtle Beach Friday morning so of course I didn't go to school!!! It was like black bike week or something cause of Memorial was so!!! There was like tons of people on the streets and stuff!!! We stayed til' this morning and just got home like an hour ago!!! I'm like really tired now...we had lotz of fun tho!!! I want to go back!!! Well I guess imma go for now...I might update later!!! Lotz of love everybody...XOXO!!! AmBeR
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06-12-04 9:17pm

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Anything you want off of my page all you have to do is right click and down to view source.. it will show you everything.

You might have known that and just wanted me to save you the effort. Not sure.

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Re:, 06-13-04 1:40pm

Sorry...I didn't know that...I'm a!!! Thanx for tellin me tho!!!

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Re: Re:, 06-13-04 11:50pm

You arent a retard. You just didn't know.

No one knows everything. Now you know!

Always willing to help.

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