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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2004 at 10:44am
Current mood: happy...certain people piss me off...but happy mos
Music: ocean avenue- yellowcard because im at chelseas and shes obsessed with this band. so i must listen
Subject: hmm happy birthday to alek.
hmm it's been awhile. surprisingly with how NOT busy i've been this summer, i've had enough things to do that i haven't had a chance to write in here. plus- no school=no drama. pretty much. so yeeeah.

BUT i'm getting sick of flipside where it's turned into one big love fest for um *ahem some people* (no names) -haha alek- and yeah it's just NOT a youth group anymore since SOME people decided to get there. hah.

and thats all i've got to say on that.

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to alek!! turned 15 YESTERDAY! and her party tonight is gonna be the BEST!!!! im excited... :) this girl is the COOLEST...and surprisingly acts quite a bit more mature than um..other people older than her. -haha- gotta love some alek redden.

oh and if not stated...zoolander is probably the love of my life and too bad i can't marry him. like really. too bad. it's that damn kristine taylor girl he married! ahhh. haha chels...

"YOU THINK YOU'RE TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL- well here's a newsflash ---
YOU AREN'T." -zoolander

im out.

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06-07-04 10:53pm

who pisses you off??

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