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daisymae (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2004 at 5:10pm
Current mood: weak
Music: dashboard
i think from now on im just going to use this journal to put lyrics in, ones that reflect how im feeling that day or somethign like goes

its just like you to contest
weat it like a label on your breast
dont you see what this takes of me?
a certain callousness complies with your charm
and in your pride a hopeful look draped in despise

i want to give you whatever you need
what is it you need?
is it what i need?
I want to give you wahtever you need
what is it you need?
is it within me?

its hard to explain
how i am getting by on so little from you
its hard to believe that i would let myself
get so wrapped in you

theres got to be something
that would be worthwhile for me to give to you
we need a connection
but you seem to push me far away from you
the harder i push the further i fall

well you dont mind being headstrong but you dont want to sing along
maybe its trite but i can always be wrong
try not to be wrong

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