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niofalcon (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2004 at 11:33pm
Subject: The 11 Hearts Construction Paper Cut-outs.
1. Sgt. Sudia standing with me as I was terminated.
2. Sgt. Geraghty as I shake his hand and say "Thank you for everything."
3. Oliver's instillment of hope.
4. Covering for Jared, his wife had their baby one month early.
5. Reuniting with the Italian Crew.
6. Kevin's appreciation, for helping him get laid.
7. Keeping in touch with the other two Dans.
8. Linder, likewise.
9. Me and Danny realizing that we cannot lose the band.
10. Luliya's smile.
11. The absence of Ruby, her handiwork, only in picture.
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