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munkysaurus (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2004 at 3:18pm
Subject: I smiled, and little pieces of me walked this way and that, passing right under my nose...
Work time.
Smoke time.

Is it really, seriously, unattractive/denerving to find a guy who smokes. I feel like a convicted felon from the middle eastern 17th century. Everytime I light up. It's like, jeez, at least I'm not a cardinal of the Vatican, fucking bending little naked boys over. So I could snort crack off their asses. Are you going to chop one of my lungs off with your scimitar, huh, fuck brick! sigh...

I have to go to work pretty soon. "She'll" be there. I shake like I have palsy every time I see her. I can't help it. I loved her... But, I don't get it. How do I make people hate me so much. And, I'm not being a rere about this whole situation. It's like, every friend I've had I've driven away by some means. It's weird. And really deturring.

New Friend: "Hey, I like your hair."

Me: dancing around like a maroon (the white boy or something) "Thanks, what's up?"

New Friend: disqusted "Holy shit dude, not a DAMN thing."

Whoa, is ME?

See ya, J-unit...yoi yoi...cough*
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06-07-04 9:30pm

so i was bored and searching random journals, and i just happened to stumble across yours...crazy huh.

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