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pointlessforever (profile) wrote,
on 6-7-2004 at 1:21pm
Subject: Hopping on the cool kids train
Stuffs I need to do before and/or on Saturday: (in no particular order because I'm too lazy)

- Look up and print out how to make Jackie's graduation present
- Make Jackie's graduation present
- Study for the ACT (with CD-rom and/or Hannah)
(never happened)
- Figure out what's going on with anime club (Friday 11 Padilla's) (I didn't go)
- Take a shower, get dressed (I actually went outside too)
- Figure out which senior pictures to buy with Mom
- Get up early on Wednesday to order said pictures
(I slept in and let her do it all)
- Try to sleep at a reasonable time (HA! Yeah, right!)
- Stop dreaming about him (I don't want to...)
- Beat the Harry Potter game
- Go to Jackie's open house (I wasn't feeling good, mom got a flat tire, blah blah: didn't go)

Stuffs to do before Katie leaves: (the 16th)

- Go to Harry Potter and/or hang out with Katie
- Cry because Katie's leaving
- Cry some more
- Keep crying a bit more
- Never stop crying until she returns
- Show up at Katie's house spontaneously
- Get Katie a going away present (?)
- Cry

Stuffs to do while Katie's gone: (June 16 - August 8)

- Write daily/weekly letters to her
- Compile said letters into a notebook and/or scrapbook as a coming home present (?)
- Cry
- Cry until she comes home
- Always cry
- Wear black as a sign of mourning
- Pray for her safe travels there, in Germany/wherever she goes, and back
- Pray so that Katie might find an English-speaking person
- Pray that she'll have fun and forget about us back home
- Start the Jihad in her memory
- Kill Tom
- Murder Tom
- Slaughter Tom
- Try to figure out how to convince her that Tom's not worth her anything
- Pray that she finds some hot German guy
- Pray that she comes back saying, "Tom who?"
- Pray that she'll get over the whole Tom soap opera

My life is full of way more trivial things than Katie's.

I love you.
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I'm trying to do the third checklist for you, 07-18-04 2:35pm

*check*always wears black
*check*save travels
*check*found an english-speaking person
*check*Tom who?

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