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Holiday (profile) wrote,
on 1-20-2002 at 12:02am
Current mood: actually awake
Music: KLQ
Guess what!!!!!
My best friend Jess called me today. She's like-"my dad was joking @ first, but today he showed up with two concert tickets to see Nickelback/Default! wanna go?" Of course I said yes, what are you thinking!?!?!?

Last night I felt unwanted by my guy. I don't know if anyone knows how I feel. I know it's most likely withdrawels since I haven't seen him a lot since exams and all. :(
He just showed up @ school friday night to say hi to me, and I thought I was gonna actually see him last night. What was I thinking. Right now it feels as if I have no boyfriend...I was let down last night. Afterall, I thought I would actually get the chance to tell him something big...but maybe he'll call 2morrow...afterall it's only our 3 month...:(
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