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niofalcon (profile) wrote,
on 6-8-2004 at 1:40pm
Music: guns n roses - live and let die
Subject: Memoirs of a Manic-Depressive Pt. (uh, I forget)
Me and Joe would joke around with each other and he would say

"You got the gun up to your head yet? I know I do."

Being bipolar fucking sucks, if it were a growth on my body I'd take a knife and cut it out, it's like having an ailment that you have to be careful not to provoke, or holding onto a bomb and being careful not to set it off. I remember listening to this song back in 7th grade, on the bus as we headed to John Pennekamp park in the keys, tending to a broken heart over Valerie, a girl who I had an insane crush on back then. What I didn't realize at the time was that I actually broke her heart, and it made me think about how many hearts I've carved out obliviously and which nasty brush-offs and dirty looks from girls were actual desperate pleas for attention. I was flipping through photos and I guess I lost that picture of me and Valerie on the boat, she was wearing a bikini and yeah we were 12 but damn she was so frickin' hot.
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<3, 06-11-04 7:29am

Man.. that screws.. not being able to notice.. And stuff..

A picture is worth a thousand words, each word, a thousand thoughts.


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