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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 6-8-2004 at 10:20pm
Current mood: worn out
Music: spice girls?? why is it that EVERYTIME im with the listening to something gay? hmmm
Subject: hey its me.
Lindsey: hey you, its Lindsey.
Chelsea: hey me, its you. (or nathan said that?? not sure. but i kind of like chelsea more...haha)

so tyler- whose my favorite? i know..but i'm not telling...(especiallllly with chelsea looking at the screen- haha *punched in the arm by chelsea)

alright so writing time for real. i guess i used to update pretty much every moment...but i guess when all i do is sit at home and hang out with the same people every other day...well- there's just not anything juicy to talk about. (juicy? god im gay.) so. heather's party is this saturday. FUN FUN FUN because-

FUN= birthday and
birthday= CAKE. and well
CAKE=very good and well uh
very good stuff= LINDSEY HAPPY.

WARNING: the next lines contain random thoughts that might be offensive. dont read them.

i like driving.

don't eat sour cream and cheddar chips- they make you really sick. especially when you've left the bag open in a humid heated car for 6 hours and they're kind of chewy instead of crunchy?

(sidenote about driving) chelsea connor started driving. she's driving tomorrow for driver's ed. good advice: stay off the road and pray for the drivers ed program.

this might be offensive but i just dont get how walking a marathon can cure the people with cancer.

my sister asked me the other day at the lake why two bugs were stuck together. she's 18.

im out.
like whoa?



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its chelsea- and i too leave my name :) hah, 06-09-04 2:33pm

lindsey edwards..i love youuuuuuu

yes, like whoa.


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