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candysweet14 (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 2:39am
Current mood: cold
Music: Romeo
Subject: Trigun
Wow, it's been a while since I've written in here. I'm listening to Dolly Parton~ Romeo *Anime sigh* anyway, I just finished watching Trigun...yes, yes I know. Awesome.

Went to Uturn today with muh buddies. Hn...and now I'm taking quizzes on I uhhh wrote three of my own quizzes. two are a series called circle in the sand and one is called black roses...

Heh...dolly parton is funny..."I'm old enough to be that boy's lover." heh...heh...*sigh* yeah...anyway. I am howie. not really I just felt like saying that....Oh! next song on my radio is....*drumroll* that titanic song at the end. *crosses arms* Hn.

Koenma is funny in his cool teenager form. ok, now I'm rambling about nonsense. *thinks deeply, hoping nobody around can read minds* I do that alot. 'tis why I am so quiet. I'm always deep in thought but other people's thoughts find their way there. I am NOT a "mind reader" but it just happens now and then. I read that...well, nevermind. Don't wanna explain the qualities of a psi vampire. I dont know who reads this and it could come across the wrong pair of eyes. Heck, blood drinking has been out since the plaque. And now its out again cuzza aids. they had to switch to energy. The ones who didnt are aweful careful tho, i bet. hn...I'm tired. Later peeps.
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Howdy doody!, 06-10-04 3:00pm

Rambling is fun. I just had to comment that awesome. I applaud that you watch it.


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