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Serenity (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 5:46pm
Subject: 1/18/04 - 3/19/04
"I couldn't rape my way out of a wet paper bag." - Jay Ruster

"He can suck my dick." - Courtney Rae

"Uranus's bleeding testicle." - Mrs. Olsen

"We can play in your room." - CJ Fisk

"On your knees! Now!" - CJ Fisk

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is crack
And so are you." - Mrs. Shaffer

"I was screwin' myself and I didn't even know it." - Adam Draves

"He threatened to rape me!" - Jacqui DeFouw

"And then I fondle your balls." - Kate
"Whoa, I missed the whole first part of this conversation." - Emily Rowe

"Except when your friends get drunk and make out in your shower; that's kinda awkward." - Emily Rowe

"I say some stupid shit sometimes. You should write that down." - Emily Rowe

"Two llamas with friends have dice." - Emily Rowe (translating ' Tu llamas el amigo y le dice.')

"Do you like to eat Italian crucifixes?" - Mrs. Crowley
"I love Italian crucifixes!" - Emily Rowe

"Look, Neilee kinda rhymes with candy!" - Emily Rowe

"Do you want to jiggle my boob?" - Kate

"I'm talking about poop-water!" - Neilee Metzger

"Hey everybody, let's ... be gay." - Alex Grecheski

"Will you please put your shirt back on?" - Sam Hamilton

"Jeff was doin' the spit yo-yo over my face, and then the phone was ringning, so I moved and it went in my ear." - Sam Hamilton

"I would rather just roll around the gym." - Emily Rowe

"You're gonna get the wrath of Reed." - Mr. Reed

"Think about it: if you had 20 pounds of marijuana sitting right in front of you, would you turn it in?" - Stephanie Lewis
"No, I'd probably sell it." - Kate

"I wish my name was Black Castle of Opium." - Stephanie Lewis

"Quiet, Bean Eater." - Matt Curtis

"Ashley's grandma pretends to pull things our of her ass." - Stephanie Lewis
"Only when I ask for something. She's like, 'oh, here it comes.'" - Ashley
"Eww, crotch items." - Stephanie Lewis

"Does anyone have any candy?" - Kate
"Ask Ashley's grandma." - Stephanie
"I don't eat ass-candy." - Kate

"My boobs are too big." - Kate
"No they're not, they're milkalicious." - Stephanie Lewis

"Did you just lube me up?" - CJ Fisk
"Ashley lubes up before every meal." - Stephanie

"It's good for the body and the soul to fuck grandmas." - Brad Blair

"I banged my grandma in the ass." - Jay Ruster

"The first girl that sucked my dick kinda chewed on it." - Jay Ruster

"I wanna put rogaine on my wiener." - Jay

"Are you achin'? Yup, yup, yup. For some bacon? Yup, yup, yup. You can be a big pig too." - Alyssa Cole

"Did he die?" - Allyn Longcore
"I don't know, he shoulda." - Mrs. Olsen

"Why is there a hotdog up there?" - Courtney Rae
"It's not a hotdog, it's a barbie leg." - Zach Ebenstein
"The leg's in a hotdog bun." - Mrs. Crowley

"I'm a pill-popping madman today." - Justin BeVier

"An enraged bedroom slipper." - Fournier

"Look, I changed the penis into a tornado." - CJ Fisk

"That's what you get for being on a Krispy Kream diet." - Stephanie Lewis

"Ashley, will you give me a butt-rub?" - Stephanie Lewis

"You're gonna be shittin' fire tomorrow." - Stephanie

"You can't have a pair of balls and tap dance; it just does not work." - Jay Ruster

"They were never going out, they were just breeding buddies." - Jay Ruster

"Can we play in the road today?" - Courtney Rae

"That is so homosexual." - Fournier

"If it smells like a dog, looks like a dog, and barks like a dog, it's not a duck!" - Sara Kies

"I had to run behind Kate while she was strapped to a harness." - Stephanie

"You were dry and I made you juicy." - Courtney Rae

"I'm just using her for her candy, I don't really like her." - Kate

"Jump rope with the intestines." - Fournier

"Shit faced, muther fuckers." - Jake Shain

"If you don't want a yeast infection, eat yogurt." - Fournier

"Ya never know when a moose is gonna take a dump." - Fournier

"Mike says 'icky' too. That's such a homosexual little saying." - Stephanie Lewis

"Underground vacuum racing." - DeAnna Ellis

"Why is he talking like a dragon?" - Ron Wheaton

"Sickly green fear pulled at their entrails. That means they got tummy aches." - Mrs. Olsen

"Yeah, I was like, 'whatever, you're hot.'" - Jacqui DeFouw

"Do you know what a buttplug is, Jacqui?" - Stephanie DeFouw

"She makes me look snagely and I am not snagely. She's the snagel here, not me." - Stephanie Lewis
"I want to kick her snagely ass." - Stephy

"Spasming below the waist." - Dusty Postumas

"You'll never be the happy Islamic woman I am!" - Matt Whetzel

"The word 'fuck' makes me have to poop." - James Golden

"Makes me wish I had 2 penises, but that's why guys have mouths." - James Golden

"I can play the fricken skin flute for an hour and it doesn't make any noise." - Stephanie Lewis

"Mr. A's hot." - Will Taboska

"Tuna is the chicken of the sea." - Jeremy Woodward

"Don't fondle my penguin." - Fournier

"When I want my finger in your crack, I'll put it there." - Stephanie Lewis

"Make sure you sanitize the poop before you eat it." - Corey Chase

"Don't go lookin' for dirty meat." - Fournier

"Did you know there's a parasite that can take over a snail's mind?" - Dan Reed

"Is it rectal exam day?" - Mr. Reed

"I eat peas and they kinda clump up on my pancreas." - Stephanie Lewis

"She's only 6, let's not corrupt her yet." - Mrs. Olsen

"Sounds like they're spankin' a baby with a cat." - Bill Korb

"Sometimes I forget to swallow." - CJ Fisk

"I can't go anywhere without my George Foreman Grill." - Will Tobashka

"You've got a hole in your butt!" - Brad Blair

"I gotta take a dump." - Megan Colby

"George Washington was known as the ghetto kitty of our country." - Fournier

"No! Don't lick it up!" - Fournier

"It was a hug-fest!" - Josh Farrel

"What's that?" - Kate
"I made it. It's a stick." - Brad Blair

"He was colored and flimsable. I don't know what flimsable means, but he could flim." - Brad Blair

"Someone drew male genitalia on my pillow." - Mrs. Crowley

*runs finger along dead, opened worm.* "I can pet it, and stroke it.." - Alyssa Cole

"Phyllis beats her meat with dirty little birdy feet." - Stephanie Lewis

"How do you masturbate a snail?" - Kate
"I don't know, ask her." *points to Ashley* - Stephanie
"The same way you probe a cricket." - Stephanie

"Yeah, I lay in bed and think about masturbating snails." - Stephanie Lewis

"I'm such a homo." - Stephanie Lewis

"You have nipples on your back." - Stephanie
"I know, Tony put 'em there." - CJ Fisk

"I see your smile, but your eyes scream sadness." - Mishy

"What is that; fried shit?" - Jessica Nichols

"Back that train up." - Fournier

"It's like a combination of blood and jiz on a sandwich." - Jay Ruster

"Wouldn't that be a pooper? You go through high school, you're in 12th grade and almost done, then you drop dead." - Mrs. Olsen

"You're so squishy and hyper." - Neilee Metzger

"... or I'll remove your reason for being a man." - Courtney Rae

"It's like tupperware for your vagina!" - Emily Rowe

"Yeah, touch my bongos." - Adam Vainavicz

"I don't hear anybody thinking." - Mrs. Crowley

"Drop your pants and let me squeeze your balls." - Stephanie Lewis

"You've never been to My-anus?" - Tyler Bauer
"No, you want me to?" - Steve Odren

"I would clean up monkey shit before I touched your penis." - Mitch Armstrong
"No, you wouldn't." - Kevin Cuppett
"Yeah, I know." - Mitch

"There's his anus! Probe it!" - Sara Kies

"Ew, now I've got beaver germs in my mouth." - Jenny Reed

"I love penis." - Justin BeVier

"Fuck you, Courtney." - Brad Blair

"I love cooter." - Courtney Rae

"Your vagina muscles squish it." - Brad Blair

"You need nipple shields." - Jenny Reed

"I get nervous when you get close to my nipples." - Tony Wiers

"Humor the old whore." - Jorden Porter
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