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eragedbluerat (profile) wrote,
on 6-10-2004 at 12:38am
Current mood: skeeved
Music: All American Rejects - Swing Swing
Subject: eww
it seems i have some updating to be doing. Speaking of doing.........Guess what i walked in on my parents doing when i got home from taking my finals? Oh you know. yeah about 30 minutes ago. i sat outside on my porch until they came out and asked me what the hell i was doing. You'd think they would have the common courtesy to let me leave and get this out of my head. "No Matt, you have chores you need to do." Thanks mom and dad.

Well i picked today to update becuase today is my two month anniversary with bekah. O God is it good to have a lasting relationship. She makes me so happy. i know this sounds so familiar. But it is familiar. Only now i dont have to think about if im doing something wrong when i kiss her. i know shes just as happy as i am. She actually feels the same way i do. And that is the main difference between her and Lauren.

But my group of friends have gone a not exactly sure. I dont understand the whole story. I havent been told the whole story. but apprently they have been talking behind my back about me and bekah. Shes been friends with them for even longer than i have. Way longer. But what i dont get is how i didnt notice all this time just how gossipy the group is. How did i not notice that? O well I think i need to go away for a little while. idk. idk much anymore. signing off
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06-11-04 8:08pm

dude...i feel soo bad about the whole parents thing. but u can be like since they think its ok to do it in the house so can you. nice to finnally read something different with you. good luck with u and ur friends. they'll get over it, and if they dont just kick their asses untill they do
and you do so know much. cuz if i know most of what you know and you dont know much then im screwed. so for both our sakes you know everything
~kutos 2 you

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07-09-04 12:39pm

hopefully you will get this soon. please dont comment in my journal or im me.
my mom found my journal...and you along with it.
so ill ttysome other time

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