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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 6-13-2004 at 7:29pm
Current mood: contemplative
Music: The Beatles-Happiness is A Warm Gun
Subject: She's Not A Girl Who Misses Much
Im making this journal friends only. No one reads it, but still...i get random comments from people i dont know, and my mom reads this, which is VERY bad.

yesterday, friday, and today where really, really weird. Friday, went to the concert with Julia and Margaret and we went to the back of minglewood where i've never been before and when we got back there, there was pot, papers, and a knife on this stool thing. So me and Julia ate some of the pot. Nothing happened, it was a little. It just made our tongues burn and stomachs hurt. Then we talked about shrooms and I shared my "drug use" with them. It was so awesome and fun

Then saturday, I went to Adam's party, and I just dont know. Mike creeps me out. Hes starting to just get to me or something I don't know. He just confuses me. Like, if he does like me, thats cool, we're friends, and if he doesnt thats cool too, but i dont know anymore.

Then I went to margaret's house. It was fun. We talked about stuff and stayed up until 2 in the morning. I need to get over people. Really...ergh...thinking again...
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