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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 6-15-2004 at 4:04pm
Current mood: good
Psycho Sacrifice:

Crash, Kill, line up the Dead

Banish the voices from within my head

Smash, Wreck, rolling in Pain

Blood drenching me, drenching me like the rain

Pull, Tear, rip off the Scars

Injected delerium, embraced by the stars

Torn, Worn, spit out in Scorn

Witness in Hell on the night I was born

Broken, Beat, melted in Heat

Grab for the stumps that once were my feet

Hated, Jaded, body Mutilated

I picked up my eyes and saw my pupils dialated

Retching, Heaving, my senses are Leaving

No one cares and I'm not even grieving

Spin, Turn, I'm ready to Burn

The fires of the pit are all that I yearn

Crash, Kill, Line up the Dead

Silence these voices that scream in my head.

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its me Lauren!, 06-16-04 9:45pm

That Pic is disturbing to me but i guess it does go with the poem :-D lol i luv you ash!!!
ps..i read some of yer other posts and i cant believe you listened to xtina!! or christina aguilera!!! you are soooo weird !!! a lil odd too!
lol im just kidding i guess its alright for you to listen to anything u want lol

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06-18-04 6:14pm

lol, i just realized that someone who has their tongue pierced could actually do that, lolololol..fuck yeah, oh my god- i wanna get my tongue pierced and put one of those things thru it for halloween, lmfao. that would really freak the fuck out of people- hell yeah.
love you.

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