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niofalcon (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 12:33am
Subject: The Gemini War.
He's continually looking into her eyes,as she goes on to explain that blonde is her natural hair color, and asks does he like it long? short? emo? punk?. Don't lose eye contact with her he thinks to himself, because to him this is a staring game and he wants to overtake her with one fall swoop. He tells her, "I feel like nothing around you, you have complete control over me, you know that?" They're two manic-depressives battling for ground, all he thinks is war war war all of the time, even moments like these are strategically planned operations to conquer the vastly superior enemy. This time Ruby isn't around she says in a softer voice as she inches towards his frontline, his defenses breached at the moment, but he tries to fend off her assault by instigating conversation about two Italian restaurants across town and how they never crossed paths or how she never showed up to his parties when she thought she'd be there but was always there when he'd least expect it and his rambling is but a steady barrage, at an increasing rate of fire, but now his position is severly compromised. Hands make their way onto waists and now there is no retreat. His belt is undone. He counters by using his thumbs to get her jeans button undone. And now it is hand-to-hand combat in the middle of this battlefield as his hands make their way from waist to upper thighs, and the story ends here but know that it was a quick incursion as they had left the door slightly ajar.
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