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theintervoice (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 1:48pm
Current mood: nostalgic
Music: n-o-n-e
Subject: everybody come back

ok here we are june 17th 2004 its summer and today is the day i get everybody to come back to woohu, i just read my past 20 entries and read what i was feeling then for my guy friends alex, ricky pat, joe and past ex's like anna, nicole and jessica and i really need to keep this journal running cuz now i feel bad for neglecting it. so here we go:

i passed junior year, i am officially a senior

no more french bitch

i am currently driving my sisters toyota corolla until i buy my new car, i'm gunna try and get another MP5 or an A4.

summers been pretty great so far, i got in trouble a few times with joe. but were getting through.

i am currently working two jobs, at coldstone and chucke cheese, i'll be working both until i can get a job at WEST BOCA Community hospital where i'll be getting paid 11 an hour.

Powerline played thier first show at thomas's birthday party it was great me and pat are discussing the next show.

brittany tiff sept and mom are doing alright.

Ricky is dating this girl Maria they have been together for quite some time.

Alex is still with Emily, she is at camp highlander right now so alex has alot more freetime to hang out with his best friend.

i have to fart (AHH)

i the mitz of getting al excited of wiriting back in here i for got half of the stuff i was going to write in here, soo you can be sure you'll se me write in here again.

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:], 06-17-04 3:19pm

ahaha, you updated :p. Wow, Ricky and Maria (<3) have been together a while now, I didnt even realize. Atleast you have a car to drive, and toyota<3, haha I drive a piece of shit Toyota but that's okay ;)

You should tell me the next time Powerline plays somewhere, that'd be cool to see you and Mr. Moran again. Well this is getting to me just rambling, because I can. Hope you're having a fun summer, :]


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06-17-04 4:14pm

H to the m mannn

yes i shall update..Ljs calling my name latley <333

U and Joe getting into truble pshh u guys are rebellsss

<3 always geori

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12-09-04 9:09am

I just got a journal here. My friend gave me an invite code. lol, I'm not trying to sound desperate but I'm trying to find friends on here! so please keep checking my diary, so when I get things situated and write an entry, please leave me a comment. Thanks! <3 -Becky

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