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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 5:05pm
Current mood: curious
Music: josh kelley - believe
so since my last depressing journal, that was friends only, haha, shut all you nosey or too cheap to pay for woohu out, the past couple of days have been enjoyable. christina rescued me wednesday night from my bedroom and brought me over to hers to show me her hot short skirt. she fed me oreos and milk, and we watched tv and she got me smiling again. i kept her up til 4 with my picture taking, and all my talking, about things i can't even remember, probably about boys. woke up at 10 to watch reruns of those silly people that run along dawson's creek. i'm almost am hooked, i just need someone to wake me up at 10 every morning to watch it. she made me breakfast and we hung around and then my mom came to pick me up. went home, she left for work, i was happy. after my date canceled on me, i took to the tv and watched movies til 6 when dad came home, finished monster, then he took me out to dinner. came home, and i went to christina's house. watched the end of moulin rouge with them, flipped the channels, talked a bit, went upstairs, talked some more while watching down with love, then i left, went to the guest room, checked to make sure there wasn't a monster in the closet, and went to bed. tina woke me up at 10:30 like i asked her to and i found out that her and christine didn't sleep at all the night before. funny, crazy girls. we watched dawson's creek and then decided to walk to taco bell. mmm... yummy food! we got 4 honks from various cars, 2 times from the mailman, eww. i was a multi-tasker on the way home, got my apartment finder magazine, swedish fish, and soda and walked. we passed these girls and i heard them whisper, "we could take them", they were like in 7th grade, losers. came home and crashed, then i left and now i'm home alone again. yay.

and now i just wonder. everyone goes to summer school next week, but then again, i will be leaving too. family time in north carolina. i'm excited. i will get tan, be more in shape, and happier i hope by the time i get home.

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06-17-04 10:36pm


biatch, why don't you bring it?! and step off the sidewalk.

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06-18-04 8:11pm

heh, they didnt know what kind of white/asian girls we are. WE could have taken THEM. it was nice spending time with you :)

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Re:, 06-19-04 1:02am

yeah, we could've definitely taken them... NEXT TIME!

yes yes, spending time with you is lovely.

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06-19-04 12:54pm


I love your layout =]

It's cute =D

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06-21-04 10:05pm

awwh, i love the background thingy. i wanna see it. <3

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