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spinoangel (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2004 at 10:28pm
Current mood: blah
nice fling with danielle and christine. sigh. how do you get so sore from merely walking to taco bell?

once christine left, i did a few things and then i got my cd player, put on deathcab and then i fell asleep around 5 and my parents didnt want to wake me up for dinner, so i just woke up. this feels very very awkward. i'm like hungry... but not.

my brother is coming home tomorrow for a week... yay!

summer school. blecch. in christines words ... "just think, 11 days."

i'm a dork. dawson made me cry today! lol. that has never happened before. it was just because he gave up joey so passionately and finally did the right thing. "i love you like you love him. the only difference is that he actually loves you back." man that just made me remember those feelings of unrequited love. that kind of love just hurts to no end.
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06-18-04 10:24am

i'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
it may not be 11 days for me because i might skip jul. 6 or jul. 8, yay! if we're not doing anything important in class...

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06-18-04 8:04pm

actually, it might even only be 10. because 3 weeks, 4 days a week makes twelve, then take one off for fourth of july, and dont we get to stay home the last day if you're not absent at all during? 10. that sounds even better.
just think. 10 days.

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06-24-04 12:17am

random journaling.. I love your layout :)

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