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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2004 at 12:14am
so i worked tonight and otto and soch visited. then i got a phone call questioning me about my whereabouts friday night. that is the background info for the two stories i would like to tell here now.

the first starts off like this. deirdre dropped me off friday night after the show because there wasnt anything to do. i really didnt want to stay at my house because me and my mother have been at eachothers throats and i couldnt handle wasting away a saturday morning with her. etc. so i start walking down the street and call my best friend because i knew she was just sitting in a parking lot in oxford and i figured that she would come get me. but she said no because "i dont wanna" or "not it" or something like that. so as i am walking down the street at midnight im like "well tell someone to come get me cause i cant handle staying here tonight" and she "didnt feel like it" but she said that otto was there but wouldnt give him her phone because she "didnt wanna" so i called him as i am still walking down the neighborhood in the dark and he said he would come get me. (p.s. i thought he was alone) but jake was with him. so we went for a stone ride and then all went to jakes house and it was supposed to be a slumber party but i passed out really fast so just went up to bed and otto left. :(

my second story goes. i went to hang out with otto tonight and meet at price chopper. i saw soch walking down the road but thought she was just going somewhere. the second i realized she was upset about something i got in my car, put on music that she likes, listened, talked, and did what she wanted.

im a backstabber.

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if fucking gay woohu didnt delete my account i wouldnt be anonymous, 06-21-04 9:37pm

you forgot to add 1) i never was told you and your mom were fighting
2)you asked for jakes number and i said "not it"
3)you didnt care when i got mad that you stayed there
4)how you acted around him all night which i realize is "just your personality"
5)you slept in the same bed
6)i called dibs.
but those are just minor details.

its over and done with..but this entry is in a negative perspective, so i figured id just give my side.

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06-23-04 12:19am

-shocked- awesome shoes!

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06-29-04 8:00pm

They're mine.

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Re:, 07-05-04 12:19am

nope they are my own

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