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behindmysmile (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2004 at 12:58am
Current mood: rejected
this is copied from livejournal..
Jesus how can you care about someone soo much but they could care less about you? I need *were going to call this person sunshine they will know who they are* sunshine. I need them more than anything, i really do. And she doesnt even care about meh anymore. Now that she has her!! I mean i have a new like best friend too but sunshine hates mah new best friend, it would be alot better if i could hate her new best friend too.I wish i could hate her new best friend soo much, but shes a sweetheart, and after just talkin to her, theres no way that i can hate her. I meah shes perfect for sunshine, jus like i used to be. We used to be soo close, i thought taht we would be friends forever, i thought taht we would seriously grow up together and never truely be apart. But i guess that i was wrong. But i guess theres nothin that i can do, i mean ppl grow apart rite? Things change, and so do ppl. I always thought that we would change, i jus always thought taht we would change together. I am like nothin without her, and no matter how gay that sounds its seriously true. I feel like i have nothing and i am nothing. I guess tahts wat you get for making someone your life. I guess that its time to move on..but i cant. I really cant. I have no idea wtf to do. So for now, ill jus cry, and cry, and cry some more. <--I jus dont know how im going to live without her.

--> i jus need to know wat to do, wat am i going to do withot her? I cant imagine anything without her. I jus wish things could get bak to normal, i wish that things could go bak to the way they used to be, i wish that i could have mah sunshine back!! *If you read this, tell meh what im supposed to do without you, i know you know who are you, so jus tell meh wat to do!! I dont think i can live without you*

Urgh well ima jus go to bed n cry or sumthing..and Ali jean if you read this DONT GET THE WRONG IDEA!! Dont go off thinkin that i hate you, cuz i dont!! i really dont i luhv u soo fuckin mcuh and u mean a whole hellof alot to meh, so dont think anythin diff, i do luhv you!! Its jus..i jus..urgh u know wat im tryin to say..I jus luhv u and ims orry dont get mad at meh ='(
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06-21-04 9:16am

aww jill i love you and feel better.

im sorry your going through so much, i feel your pain :( <3

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