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niofalcon (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2004 at 4:20am
Music: dixie chicks - landslide
My heart has been broken a hundred different ways. Is there anyone who can help put it back together?
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06-26-04 1:01am

broken hearts suck.. :(

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06-28-04 1:53pm

i have the solution . go see MOTHERFUCKING APHRODITE !!!!!! wednesday june 30 at icon in orlando ... that solves everything and i am missing it to go pick and eat massive amounts of mushrooms in colombia :( haha it's only ten dollars before 11:30 so get there early . hope this helps and VIDEOTAPE IT FOR ME IF POSSIBLE because aphrodite is one of the only amazing djs i would die to see and haven't yet and am missing and dj hype is another one but he is coming to wish me a happy birthday july 30th and it may be three days late but he is the motherfucking mannn !!!! p.s. it's only eighteen and over so take that friend of yours haha . peace <3

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