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surferskater420 (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2004 at 7:16pm
Current mood: happy
Music: blink-182
i am like sooooooo bored.i've been just e-mailing nads(nadia) all day and like i can't really skate b/c i have a slice on my foot,a jammed up thumb,and a scrape on my knee and elbow. it is cartoon pic of me and my guitar in nads journal made like 17 comments and like one of them was a girl named racheal and she was all like "he looks pretty fine for a cartoon*lik my lips*" and it was pretty cool and one of her woohu friends e-mailed me and said my guitar rocked.
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06-21-04 7:24pm

ooh go rachel
it sucks you cant skate
interact with my woohu friends
their all cool i promise

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03-14-05 1:12am

u mus suk

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