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thedarkerside (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2004 at 6:37pm
Like the new background? Incase you didn't know the chick is the one and only Libby McGehee. She's such a hottie! I love my libby! She was sending me pictures that Kirsten took of her and I was like wow they are so pretty I should make something out of them..and obviously I did. lol

Stole katie's icon, sorry hope you don't mind. It was too pretty to not steal... lol

I'll be updating in my xanga instead probably more often..
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AWW!, 06-22-04 7:20pm

AMMYY!! i <3 you!!!!

i hope no one is shes a whore lol. since i have gotten lots of whorish comments from the picture on the left...

i want a shirt like the chick in your picture has...hehe

love ya!

-Libby (the hottie in the pictures lol!)

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Re: AWW!, 06-22-04 8:45pm

libby a whore... I think not! lol

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