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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-2004 at 8:04pm
Current mood: okay
i give all the love in the world to that girl i spent the day with. <333

she called me around 11:15, so i got up, got dressed and made it over to her house by 1 i guess. i bought 50 first dates and cinderella over. we watched both of em and then talked for a bit. oh how i wish i could drive.

so i'm home now. i think i will watch unfaithful since it is on hbo and has just started. i'm going away friday for a whole week and three days. no internet, so call my cell phone if you want to.

thats all for now. i'll update later maybe.

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06-23-04 3:10am

i love u <3

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