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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2004 at 2:24am
Current mood: happy :D
Music: by the way - rhcp
Subject: the tee ideas from ydeeps & anir
(aka myslef and rina)
this is from the sleep deprived brains of ours.

in a 70s fontish thing..
Andie's Rollerdisco
-Afros Required
-Dancing Skills Optional
and it will have a picture of a roller skate on it and a disco ball
and on the back it will have a guy with an afro and 70s clothes pointing at you and the caption will read "only YOU can be the life of the party"

Front: Got Buffalo Wings?
back : a drawing of a buffalo flying away

Front: Altoids: dont let them make ya kill a man in reno for them

there is a little picture of a girl with a stick and the caption will say "youre lucky your behind the glass wall"

a picture of a squirrel on the front, with the caption of "1-666-evil-squirrles"

picture of a frigde with the little marks that means its moving and the caption will say "tv dinner avalanche ahead coutesy of the freezer ghost"

a picture of a pinecone with the caption of "smell that cinnamon christmas. " on the back: "conspiracy?"

ALL-(noun) 1. a substance used to clean clothes. 2. an evil conspiracy-maker. 3. arch-nemisis of the green knight.

on the front is a poorly drawn picture of a girl with a frown and tears and a broken heart and it will say love is a... and on the back it will list
gift...this will be crossed out
wondorous thing...crossed out
bitch....crossed out
pain in the ass....crossed out
hassle....crossed out
salami sanwich with pickles...crossed out
4 letter word...crossed out
way of life...crossed out

we should make a shirt that says a little dab will do ya

or have a picture of a wolf howling at the moon "the terror of our elementary"

i love dash

i love mookie

i love the SG
well that is it for now
who knows whatever crazy psycho things may be created by us in the late night?
cause i sure dont.

Good good bye, lovely time
Good good bye, tinsel shine
Good good bye, I'll be fine
Good good bye, good good night
-jimmy eat world

andie andie oxenfree***
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06-23-04 2:43am

Faded Idea: i would write a huge-ass comment like "T-SHIRTS KICK YOUR ASS!"

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