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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 6-24-2004 at 2:51pm
Current mood: thinkin..
Music: hero - foo fighters
Subject: there goes my hero...
hm hm hm.
i was listenin to this song and i wondered who is my hero..
well actually i dont know at the moment.
but who do the kids of this generation have to look up to, other then at their parents?
who do we lucky kiddies have?
britney spears?...thats just peachy
i just dont know.
where are the neil armstrongs of this generation?
where are the respected presidents where your dad sits and reads the newspaper and he say, "that there kids, is a good president."?
where are our heroes?
in new york city?
yes i believe they are heroes, not just the nypd and fdny but all of the policemen and firefighters who put their whole lives on the line for us.
i think my hero is my dog clancey
who is still at the pet store just beggin for me to come and buy him.
maybe soon clancey, i will be your hero and buy you..
one day.

andie andie oxenfree***
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squirrels, cookies, and e-bay., 06-26-04 11:45pm

i pity this generation.

but kind of in a good way, you know?

geez. i am going to miss you so much. could you imagine all the trouble we could cause in another country?? we're still going to ireland, and we're going to get there by stealing some old man's boat.

i will definitely be taking pictures.

Faded Idea: caption: this is hot boy 1, and i dont think he knows im stalking him yet.
caption: this is another hot boy standing against a rock. he might be sleeping.
Faded Idea: caption: this is a lake. right there in the distance (circled in red) is a hot boy with his shirt off. i think he's swimming. otherwise he's doing a pretty good impression of not-drowning.


and whoa man! i got MAD-LIBS.

those things freaking rock.

and im writing a huge comment to you. because, thats just what i want to do and if you're still reading, then.. bwahaha.

when i come back we have to set up some kind of party. but they'd have to be people we hate, because they'd be drugged, of course.

and then wake up thinking they are cat demons with just one eyebrow and drawings all over them.

oooh i can already tell you that will kick ass.

anyways, burn down some gap stores for me while im gone. send pictures. (; i will try to find some gap stores in sweden. heh heh heh..

pour prende mon amour!


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