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freakishiyk (profile) wrote,
on 6-26-2004 at 4:41pm
Current mood: pissed off
Music: some stupid shit they play at work
Subject: Fuck it all...
Yes today is another shitty day. For some reason i had a hard time sleeping last night. By the time i got to sleep it was 4 in the morning and i had only a few hours to sleep before work. I left my aloe ice with lidocane at work so when i woke up i was hurting like hell with no relief. i found a snake in the pool when i let the dog out, So i put it in a bucket and watched it try to climb out. Then i put a bunch of pool chemicals and bleach in the bucket and watched the snake cry and squirm. that was fun when his skin melted off and blood started to fill the liquid it was cool the snake started off blackish brown and turned white. Needless to say that helped brighten my morning. I got to work and then as soon as i timed in customers down my throat about needing their tanks filled and needing some stupid shit for their kid and more holy hell then yesterday. So i grabbed my lotion and put it on before starting to help people and came close to pounding a few in the ground. But racquel decided to take over and give me a break before i got in trouble...

Well i hope amanda is doing better then i am right now cause this day has just been shitty and i dont want to be here anymore, I want to kill. Either the people or myself not to sure yet.. Now watch you people comment like oh my god i cant believe he said that. . Well fuck that shit you all go through only 10% of what i have in my life then come talk to me im out for now...

"Heaven may forgive you of your sins' But i wont"
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06-27-04 4:12pm

Feh ... I bet your life is so hard. Where do you work, a gas station or something? Get a real job and then we'll talk, bud. By the way, if we're taking a vote, I say kill yourself, the customers aren't forcing you to work there, so take it out on the next best waterhead ... you.

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Re:, 06-27-04 11:59pm

For one i dont work at a wal-mart wanna be i actually work in something a bit more interesting no not a gas station you ignorant fuck. you know tanks are used for alot of things besides gass tanks on cars. Now if we were taking a vote i would vote me kicking the shit out of you. That sounds fun.. In fact that sounds funny. Cause your a fuck head, You got a problem with me fine i dont give a fuck. But you know what amanda likes me thats all i care about.. I dont care about you who might be relation to the president
yeah you know the stupid fuck that is fucking up the states.. you make up words just like him like waterhead.. Like that makes any sence.

You know you try to say like my life is so bad but you have no idea. Like i stated you go through only 10% of what i do then come try to start some shit till then.. FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

other then that have a good day


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Re: Re:, 06-28-04 8:44am

Hmmm ... "this" is who you thought the first one was. Funny, considering I haven't read this blog in about a month ... there's like 5 new entries from the last time I read this.

By all means, fight with your mystery friend, doesn't affect me. I read the most recent entry, and Mandy seems to think that was "me", wrong.

Like I said, you can start shit with your new friend, but don't mention me, because kicking my ass might be more of a challenge than you think, pop-tart.

By the way, I don't use the word "Feh", I'd be more apt to say "Pfft".


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Re: Re: Re:, 06-28-04 11:25am

I'm sorry Billy....if it wasn't you...then who was it?

I was about ready to have a talk with you, but you said it wasn't, now I gotta figure out who's comment that is. Probably some random fucker who wants to be a pain...greeeeat.

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Re: Re: Re: Re:, 06-28-04 11:57pm

You don't owe me an apology, and honestly, your little boyfriend really doesn't either. The fucker that posted the first comment does, but nobody knows who it was. Interesting.

Anyway, I'm glad you're at least quazi-happy, you deserve it. As for me, I've been absent from chatting with anyone lately, just too busy working. I'm up to 9 tats now, probably not done.

Ah...this is your diary...I forgot. Anyways, have a good one...hope we catch up sometime.


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