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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 6-26-2004 at 9:08pm
Music: nothing. wow.
Subject: happy face
okay so the past few days since that wednesday night have been really good; so that counts for something. hung out with the band tonight at friday's until about's the last time i'm going to see them besides for about 30 min on wednesday before i get my luggage checked and leave for belize. ahhhh....i'm getting nervous. excited too though. i'm not exactly sure what i'm feeling now i just know when i get there it is going to be sooo awesome to see what God has in store for everyone! i went to brent's party on friday night, which was a surprise, -and those are always fun- so that night was good too. and of course thursday night was fun because CHELSEA came over!!! ( and danced to spice girls?? what nathan?? ) -haha- LOVE that girl. so as i can see now i vented alot about one stupid night that really wasn't all that bad...and as proved, not everyday is a bad one. oh well. i do miss erica even though she's only been gone 2 days. she hasn't gotten to call very much because she's cheering all day. haha funny thought- erica. cheer. ( hope she doesn't see this... ) just saw nathan wednesday night at chili's but i do miss him....MAYBE HE'LL SEE WHITECHICKS WITH ME. (ahem ahem) but i don't know. because sometimes he's jsut not cool like that and even though his wonderful girlfriend went and saw DODGEBALL with him...he probably STILL won't see whitechicks with her. sigh.


love you nathan
miss you erica ( if you can read this where you are??)
chelsea- um ..enough said.


of course love

and most definitely
~chicken grease~

- Lindsey
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chicken grease?, 06-26-04 10:06pm

ahhh lindsey.


much <3

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