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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2004 at 12:56am
Current mood: confused
Music: ..s0mething c0rp0rate..
Subject: . i dun want it t0 happen again .
0k .. s0o me nd miKe are d0iing 0k .. i guess. i dunn0. last niight, we g0t int0 a fiight cuz he wantedD t0 fuck nd i didnt .. yet. nd he was lyke well, im tiredD nd it's tiime f0r y0u t0 g0. nd he was lyke get 0ut nd he kept bytchiin s0o i g0t my shyt nd startedD walkiin t0 my car nd then he gave me a hugg nd he was actiing lyke he wasnt madD nd sayiin he wasnt nd i'm lyke wtf .. y0u t0ldD me y0u w0uldnt keep askiing nd y0u w0uldD wait, but everyydayy .. y0u ask me 0ver nd 0ver. nd i t0ldD hiim b0ut why i dun want t0 riight away cuz 0f the wh0le j0hn carmichael thiing nd he seemedD t0 understandD nd i t0ld hiim i was s0rry nd he was lyke i'm n0t pissedD nd i dunn0. it made me think that this is guna be a sexual relati0nshiip nd i t0ldD hiim that t00 nd he's lyke h0w is it guna be a sexual relti0nship if we havent hadD sex. that's wut it's basedD 0n th0 .. nd juss cuz we havent fuckedD dun mean it's n0t sexual. everyytime i g0 0ver there, we h00k upp nd that's all we d0. i dun want it t0 be lyke that. it will never last if it is. ugh .. shyt is c0nfusiing. imma g0. (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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