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QueenWog (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2004 at 9:33pm
Current mood: good
Music: No One Mourns the Wicked- Wicked
Back from Yellowstone and I had a blast! It is so beautiful there and I was in good company ;)
Anyway, have been running around like crazy in preparation for our departure to ITALIA on July 1st!!!! Yesterday was pretty calm actually. Most of the day I swam with Louise and ate a lot of tortilla chips!
Today, I had a chiropractor appointment (finally!) Then I came home and made 26 different phone calls to random Concert Choir people! Yup, that was a barrel of monkeys! Then I had a voice lesson with Paige. Julie was before me and Elspeth was after me. I was so surprised to see her I almost started laughing. Luckily I am capable of controlling myself (despite popular belief!) So, then I came home, called a few more people and talked online. So there was my day! Now I am going shopping!!! Later!
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07-03-04 6:27pm

thank you thank you thank you! funny that you saw 2 people you knew at paige's...

since when do you go to a chiropractor? did you hurt yourself? i hope people were nice to you on the phone...

have fun in italia! eat lots of gelato!

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