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sinceibeenlovinyou (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2004 at 1:14am
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Hole-Pieces of Jennifer's Body
Subject: You're Hungry, But I'm Starving
God, things come in threes dont they?

I talked to Andy today, that was enjoyable. I promise, I won't through poppers at people's feet on the fourth of july. teehee.

The out of nowhere Mike came online, and I talked to him for about, 10 minutes. He got the beatles, sgt.peppers lonely hearts club band, and he's gonna give me that, and im giving him jimi hendrix.

Then Steven came online, and I talked to him for like, a really long time. I technically still am, but he's watching cowboy bepob, and put his away message up.

But, that's okay because I'm sleepy. I had a strawberry malt, and I did not enjoy it, for I do not like strawberries. I'm right back where I started. Right back. I thought I had changed and last night, I was for sure, I was over him, and that I hated him, and that he was the most annoying creature on earth, but now...right back. Right back where I was. Everythings back to normal I guess. I dont really like mike, I realized that. He's just so...13...I guess. That's stupid. I need to explain that a little more, but I dont feel like it. Peace.
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