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werealljaded (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 4:08pm
i wish i could hold your hand
without remembering the past
everytime you say something sweet
i smile
but just for a while
because while my heart believes the words you say
my brain remembers the words you once said
i know sometimes you've just got to have faith
but it's so hard while your broken heart is still not mended
for months, every tear i shed put a crack i my heart
i currently have thousands of splinters
and you're pulling them out with rusty tweezers
all i want is some reassurance
to have some pressure put onto my wound
some sterilization
everyday that goes by without that
the infection grows
i'm sick of letting it spread
please, heal me
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all sortsa emo, 07-03-04 4:25pm

good poem...sad poem

i don't get this how you feel when things are fine?...what happens when things go to shit?

you should watch swingers...

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01-05-05 12:34am

wow. you seem like youve been hurt. i feel your pain. so does drugs. they kinda help......... peace out lol

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