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behindmymask (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2004 at 8:55pm
Current mood: annoyed
why do people care so much about what i do!?!
i wish yall would stop!~ i dont deserve yall and i wont be able to admit it if you keep tellin me waht to do and not to do. i know ur tryn to be nidce but dont let me make my mastakes!~ why do you think im doin it because Jen thinks its FUN?~maybe i want to! i know i should not go but im me.
sry if your dissapointed Chels. i hope your not but just to let u know i want to go ... i want to do that stuff... i dont give a FLYIN FUCK about "C" 's any more ill take them as they come.

Dont freak out~~~ if you need to call me today~until monday~1-313-218-5778~ its my dads celly~ ill be with him~~~~~~~~~~~im not goin wit Jen.............................................................OK!

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07-05-04 10:01am

im sorry fine forget everything ive said go do what ever you want to you go and have fun okay and when you get back from having fun ill be here im sorry you dont give a fux but ''Cz'' ill jus leave you alone now bcuz obviously thatz what you want

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Re: NO!, 07-06-04 8:48pm

Read my journal!~ i dont want u to go away! i love you and please dont leave just u sayin that is maken me cry~ ill call u in 2-secs

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