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daleearnhardtjrishot (profile) wrote,
on 7-4-2004 at 12:49am
life has hit a really big rock and i may not make it over this one...peter and i are seperated for awhile...i don't know what i want to do with dad is an ass and i need out of there but with no money and nobody to move with because i'm not living with megan ever again...maybe i should just join the army of something...maybe i should just kill myself...i miss my friends i feel like i had to give up my life for megan and she has no flipping clue..she thinks my life is perfect..haha..i wish it was better then it is but thats all i can do is wish...well enough bitching...i miss you all i work 1p-930p now so if you want to reach me you can call in the morning..or call before 9p and leave a message and i'll call you back as soon as i get you all miss you all...byes
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