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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2004 at 2:14pm
Current mood: optimistic
Music: ashlee simpson - pieces of me
Subject: i can hardly catch my breath, i hope it lasts

it's good.
crushes die hard, but i've learned to get over them.
you guys are going to hate me i have a feeling, but you should be happy for me.
i might keep this one.

north carolina was wonderful. i love my dad's family more than anything in the world.

i hate trying to find a job. no one wants to hire a teenage white girl. only if my parents would understand that and just let me get my license, so i can drive and see all you people, because i miss you, you and you.

<3 that's all for now.

rbf thursday night.
danielle crowd surfing.
be there, ashley cline will be.
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07-07-04 2:12am

sux donut.

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