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behindmymask (profile) wrote,
on 7-6-2004 at 8:41pm
Subject: Shit
plez dont say that i NEED you... i wouldnt be a piece of rotten DOG SHIT wit out you!
i was being a bitch!~~~ i shouldnt of said that! Aplease forgive me~~~ im gunna call you now~ i love you please forgive me~~~ i met a guy but then a BITCH named Crackie took him away! ooh well i like to do things wit sean and i sadly love eric~~~~~ Still
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07-07-04 8:59pm

hehe you jus left a lil go n nex time think twice bout wht you say cuz that really hurt mah feelingz ='( yea ive alwayz known you love eric n sean well i think you need to start thinkin of sean iz more of jus a boi toi than anythin more cuz that might be all he iz unless he movez bak here from cali! ill talk wit you later if i kan im gonna ask mah mom if i kan hav u n andi ovr like nex week r ya gonna be homez? kk hope ya are! luvv yea
-[chelz [goody 2 shooz]

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