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FreakishIYK (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2004 at 4:31pm
Current mood: good
Music: none...Mike's on the phone
Well, not too much going on today, but yesterday was pretty interesting...

Yesterday Ashley wanted to hang out...which, in her language, means hey wanna come meet my friend? I didn't really wanna meet him but I figured I should go so I can tell Ash about Mike, my Mike (Oh yea, I didn't tell you...the guy she was trying to "hook me up with" was named Mike too) So, yea...she came and got me around 4:30 and we went to get something to eat, and she told me that the guy was at work and didn't get off until 11...and I had planned on being home by 9, 9:30 so I can be with Mike (only Ash didn't know...I wanted to play it off like Mom was pissed and wanted me home). So, I figured I wouldn't even get to meet him...good. But no, ohhhh no...of course not. He calls their cell, and he's on a lunch break...and they want to bring me to meet him, oh crap. Well, then we go over to where he works...Publix. And he's moving his car so we just walk up to say hi really quick..and he fed me some line...probably from a movie. He stared at me and said "God, you're beautiful..." then I felt bad...because I have a boyfriend, who I care for very much...and I'm here, meeting this other guy.
Well, we go inside and get a few things, and he's in the store by now and this is when I find out that I'm taller then him...Now, I'm not racist or anything and I think relationships are based on more then appearances...but I think I would of felt awkward if I was taller, maybe just a thing I have...but anyway, me and him never really got to talk. He tried to get my number so we could, but thank God Ashley interrupted real quick and told him he could call her cell to talk or something. And..well, that was about it. Then we went to Erik's new house and hung out for a bit.

I tried to tell Ash about Mike. I would try and get on the topic of him, and then hoped I'd get to it, but I never really did.

Well, Mom called around 9, asking why I wasn't home and I just played along and stuff like that...but no one really could drive me home. Crap, and they're talking about going to the pool with this kid, and hanging out when he gets off. So I call Mike...maybe he could come get me. The first time I called I got his answering machine. But then Mom called back, telling me to call Mike, he'll come and get me. So I called him and he had already turned around and was on his way...he didn't sound happy. He wasn't too thrilled about me meeting the guy, and who could blame him? And to top it off he started out with a crappy day.

Well, we gave him directions and he came and got me...and dammit I chickened out on telling Ash...crap. But on the way home Mike gave me his cell and told me to tell her...and I did. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, and everything's fine now. So, me and him went back to my house and we got to hang out for the rest of the night.

I missed him so much though...while we were in the car I know he wasn't in the best of moods but I couldn't help but smile when I looked at him. I thought of him all day..and the kid's name being Mike too didn't help. Just I had some things running through my mind and I was happy to be with him today.

Today after work he's gunna try and stop by again, that'll be good.

Hmm, what else? Oh...crap, I lost my wallet. I brought it with me yesterday and I think I dropped it in her mom's car. Shit, I hope no one takes my money. I only have $30 something in there...but still, it's my money.

Anyway, I think that's about it...If I think of anything else I'll add it on later. Maybe Mike will add some later too when he's over...until then, byes.
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what, 07-07-04 7:51pm

what can be so great about this guy. You always rave about him like he's perfect no matter what he does or says. I dont see how anyone can cause anyone this much happiness. I mean you say he was in a crappy mood but even so you couldent help but smile when you look at him. Please tell me what is so great about him cause he is probably nothing more then some punk with an adtitude problem. ill look foreward to a reply to see what you say.. And if im lucky you will realise that he is no saint.

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Re: what, 07-07-04 9:45pm

Are you the same punk from earlier? Who are you, and who do you think you are to place criticism on my life? And I don't see how it's any of your business what I see in this guy, this journal is for me (and now, for Mike's) personal purposes. Also, if you must know Mike is different from any guy I've met. He's different and we have things in common, and above all he cares for me...for me. I don't have to pretend with him, I can finally be comfortable with myself around him. Around him, all the shit in my life doesn't seem as bad. There's just more to this guy then meets the eye, and it's almost mysterious. That's why I like him, and for many more fuck off.

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