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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 7-8-2004 at 1:37am
Current mood: blank
Music: ..if i aiNt g0t y0u -->> aLicia keyysz..
Subject: . GUESS WH0's BACK?! .
<-- ERiN'S back .. w00t! l0l, i havent seen her yet but me nd miKe are DEF seein her t0m0rr0w. s0o miKe's bdayy was g00d. madD pe0ple were 0ver. phiL, chAz, atHena, chRis, zaCh, m0m0. it was c00l. but miKe made every0ne leave f0r a little bit s0o me nd hiim c0uldD chyll. it was c00l. t0niight we g0t int0 a fiight .. but we're 0ver it n0w. it was my fault cuz i saidD s0methiin but he t00k it lyke i didnt trust hiim which t0tallyy isnt true. i have s0o much respect f0r hiim cuz he's actuallyy waitin till i'm readyy t0 have sex. nd he understandsz the reas0n i dun want t0 n0w isz cuz i will get attatchedD lyke i did wit edDy nd i'm afraidD t0 get hurt again. i'm happyy wit hiim nd i juss want hiim t0 be happyy wit me. nd he t0ldD me he was .. he sw0re 0n us that he was s0 it made me feel better. newh0, sum0ne DEF firedD a gun in fr0nt 0f his h0use yesterdayy .. i was madD scaredD nd he went 0utsiide lyke s0o readyy t0 beat sum0ne's ass nd phiL was 0ver in less than a minute which was straight 0f hiim.

s0o jAX came back yesterdayy .. yAyErZz. havent seen her yet but will DEF see her t0m0rr0w. nd same wit my ERiN. well, nuthiin much t0 sayy relle. juss benn w0rkiin my ass 0ff! damn, t0m0rr0w isz already fuckin thuRsdayy. it's madD crazyyness. i'm 0utt (( oNe ))

<33 shaWna
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