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allmysinsx (profile) wrote,
on 7-9-2004 at 4:26pm
wow. im really hungry. i only ate the little piece of brownie that was left after kristen and i made them, a bite of my brothers brownies.. and the like five munchies i had. but then i think kristen took them awway, so im really hungry. well.. a little. but hmm. i dont feel like making anything to eat. so i'll wait until dinner.

okay my week. after saturday

4th of july.. i watched the yankee game, and they were playing the mets. haha. and they lost. which totally sucked. but hey! they swept boston. yeah so there was a little party at my house. er. and like cassy madey was the only one who wanted to hang out with me. lmao. a party at my house. and like only one person wanted to hang out with me. even though i did talk to john for like 5 minutes. and was explaining his ankle situation. and i was like not understanding. i still dont understand, but watever. ooh i talked to david madison too. and he said the pitch that hit my brother and broke his arm was going slow. like i told my parents. so ha. but then like cassy lefted, and like had no one to hang with, so i think i went to rebecca. haha but then she got bored with me too. haha, so then i went and hung out with my aunt, go figure, and her boyfriend with making fun of me..but he was only joking. so yeahh, and one of my neighbors was setting off fireworks, and i watched those, but a tree was in my way, and like i couldnt see them all the way, so yeah i finally relized to go by my trampoline and watch them, but they were like over then, haha yeah i am retarded, but i wish i would have went to the other fireworks, so i could have seenmy friends because i havent seen any of them!! except, kristen, danielle and katie.. and i miss them. but i talk to them on IM, well some of them, haha i would like die without IM.

monday: did nothing, i was so bored

tuesday: my aunt, and cousins came over, and my one cousin decided that we should sleepover my grandmas house, so we called her and she said we could!! and we were happy. so we slept over. and ugh, i was half half the night, ugh, i had like the worse cramps ever, they completed sucked

wendesday: went to the movies, with my grandma and cousin, we saw notebook, which is a REALLY good movie. and then i got a perm!! but it tooked 3 1/2 hours so that completely sucked.but i like it. so then i guess i got home at like 9? watched general hospital at 10 of course. and tryied to stay up all night, but i couldn't because of the night before, so adam won lol

thursday: hmm. my grandma and cousins came over. they almost come over, but tahts okay, and likethe went swimming, but i couldnt because i couldnt get my hair wet. so yeah, then i slept over kristens!! haha that was funnn!! okay so first we were gonna ride the quads. but her mom wouldnt let us =( so then we wanted to make brownies.. well i did. so yeah. but they didnt have any eggs. so kristen and i walked down to the cevetellas. wow, i totally spelled that wrong, and like kristen wouldnt go up to house and ask her? so hid by her neighbors mail box, but i did, because im not shy or a loser like kristen, so we got the eggs, mrs. civatella drove us home. and made brownies, and we were on the computer the whole night.. which was haha interesting.. MEDIC. we were so high. but kristen was only contact high. hahaha! wow. it was funnn lmao. so we finally went to sleep at 2:30.. and mr. van laar woke up us at 10:30.. errr..

so we went on the computer. and kristen was mad because people we're IMing me and not her, because everyone knows i have friends and kristen doesnt.. haha jk.. so yeah i came home at like.. 2? watched general hospital!!! god. i love that show. and yeah i finally decided to update this thing.

and now i must go get a shower. because like my relates are coming over for my aunt and uncles birthday soon. so i must get going.

ooh raeans coming on tuesday!!!!!! i cant waittt!!
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:(, 07-11-04 3:46pm

Okay. I wanted to hang out with you, but you kept walking away from me. I was so tempted to hang out with Leigh anf that Doug the Dick kid.

God Brielle, we are seriously falling apart. It's like you don't want to be my friend or something.

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Re: :(, 07-11-04 4:19pm


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