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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2004 at 12:36am
Current mood: jubilant
Music: set up = reel big fish
Subject: if everyone is d0ing it, i'm not gonna be every f*cker. just the blonde girl.
last night was the RBF concert. which was absolutely amazing. friends, loud music, dancing like white girls should, and just fun. it was me, ashley c, danielle & zach. short story: zach forgot the tickets at home in his wallet... we went back to get them... just made the concert. it felt g0od getting out to just see different people... and those from middle school as well. anyways.. then we went to denny's. i wish that ellen woulda went to the concert. i think we woulda had some fun moments. not that her & i are close... but yeah, it woulda given friendship a meaning? idk what i'm saying lol. but u know what i mean... i hope.

s0o this morning i woke up from cheer practice. yikes. um... worked our asses offffff s0o badly. but chelsea, & nikki & i had fun lol. our conversation in the jump line was funny. like... twice a day... duh lol. umm got to know people like Brittany, Holly, Julie & Stephy. i have a feeling i'mma be in pain 2morrow when i wake up. o well. its worth it.

s0o i get home... talked to brittany & took a nap. then brett calls. & then i talked to jonah... and then he hadda go. i hope he won his game tonight... i know he wasn't glad about last night's game =/ anyways... s0o brett calls back... & him & travis decide to come over because they have nothing else better to do with their lives. ummm s0o we talked & hung out. got made fun of... that kinda thing. then i went in... took a nap. got jackie's call so i hadda get ready for the UCT show. which wasn't bad. hot singer = J.M. & he's very crazy. jackie's crush isn't bad = wayne. and doug the drummer has an awesome sense of humor / personality... the one guy... don't know his name.. reminded me of tom from blink182. i mean it was all a newer experience for me... which was ok. but i'mma shy girl when it comes to meeting new people. but jackie & i got tired pretty early, so we left around 10:20pm. got home & hadda bowl of cereal, & a soda pop. n i wasnt tired no more. s0o i called up brett & told him i was home. s0o he decides... "ok r u allowed out, cause i'm coming over" yeah s0o i went outside, & walked to the end of the block & there he was. had kinda open talks like friends do & then i got really hyper & we started walking & then i almost got ran over and i tried lifting brett up with my feet but it wasnt working. stupid. then travis called & rode his bike in like .03 seconds up to where brett & i were.

then we all talked as stupid me... bounced around cause i have no life & jonah isn't online so i didnt wanna stay inside expecting him to come online... cause he still hasn't. i'm really in the mood to talk to him. but there is nothing that can cure or help that because he is not here. i miss him a ton. i have the biggest urge to just see him & jump on him and lalalalalala yeah. ok i'm bored & camilo is talking to me now s0o imma dippppp like u would dip ur tostitos in ur salsa. haha, awesome.

*but i want u, and u want me too
and you need this, wanna give it to u
and i thought this time i'd say something new.
* <--- those mean s0o much f0r s0me0ne, haha, <3
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