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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2004 at 5:53pm
i think hell froze over, because i really really like the new blink 182 i bought it today. and i usually don't buy cds unless i really like them because i could just download them..but yeah..i bought it.

its good.

i love you.

michelle every time i try to call you it sends you your mailbox thingy. so :p. i love you too.
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07-10-04 9:37pm

lies. lies. alright. well.. im in florida right now and i left my cell at home. so. yeah. when i get home i'll call you. :P loveyoumore.<3

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08-07-04 2:54am

HEYY... just rand0m j0urnaling. i've been a big fan 0f blink f0r awhile. nd i luvVv their new cd t0o.. its a l0t deeper then what they n0rmally d0. i went t0 their concert in may. kick ass. just had t0 say that.

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