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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2004 at 6:38pm
Current mood: confused
psh. cancel all that crap i said in the last entry.

all my thoughts are all mixed up. i loveee hanging out with big sexy and her momma pimp though, they bring me happy thoughts.

"these aren't hooker shoes, these are nine west!"

"if you're my momma pimp, then daddy, is my sugar daddy"

garage sale this morning with them. in total we made $100 or so. then went shopping. saw jessica's daddy at american eagle... wanted to go up to him and say, "hi! are you mr.brandi, jessica's dad? i'm her friend "michelle." yeah gotta use a differenet name. you know why. nice day.

dinner time with them. yay!

<3 love.
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07-13-04 1:32am

i love garage sales.


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