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xinfectionbytearzx (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2004 at 6:49pm
Subject: ::Longer Than I Imagined::
Long Time no write in here.

I guess I just haven't came across my journal since I arrived in New York, much. I miss writing, but I never can find anything to write about anymore.

When school starts up, I'll go back to this, or my Xanga, and realize that I'm a depressed Woman seeking the revenge of . . .others. Buuut, until then, I will say not a word. For there are no words to speak.
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07-13-04 9:21pm

How do you make your words on the top move?

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Re:, 07-13-04 10:01pm

I messed up the last one.

Put this word - Marquee but let these < > surround that word. Then you type in your text next to it (whatever you want) then after your word or sentence type /Marquee with the < > surround that too. And then you have it. Hope that helped.

EX: Jello Is Jiggly

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