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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2004 at 9:23am
Subject: I did pay for this journal account, the least I could do is write in it..
Lost Legends news... what's there to mention? The coming and going of creators is frustrating. The new Admin.. :| I wonder how that came about. My mind kept fluctuating between whether it was worth the inconvenience to stay with Lost Legends despite the communication and answers I've been hoping to hear, or simply leave and perhaps visit occassionally. Or perhaps not at all. Knowing that Yajra came back made me want to stay. Knowing Salius is taking her place, temporarily or not, makes me want to leave. I have nothing against him, in fact I like the guy, but it feels too much like the dreaded "merge" that has been rumoured. I mean, what the hell? "As shimmer can no longer pay for our genesismuds hosting..." Fucking hello? I offered to pay to keep Lost Legends on the genesismuds server. I tried to help to keep things the same but now it is out of my reach and I'm not happy enough to try anymore. All I see is that anything I do is not going to change a thing and anything I'd like to see is never going to happen. Sad times are these. Fucking retarded too if I do say so myself.
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One possible answer..., 07-19-04 12:39am

You could delete all your characters and quit. Absolving yourself of the MUD entirely might be the cleanest way to solve this problem.

That is what this disgruntled ex-dwarf has done. So long, Lost Legends Junior High.

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