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r0ckmywurld (profile) wrote,
on 7-12-2004 at 12:08am
nothing will ever be like it used to be. im over it. thats the beauty of humanity. constant change. the inability to ever reach true stagnancy. i lust it. i lust that this isnt last summer and there are NEW memories. fuck living in the past. people change. people grow apart. realizations are reached. people grow to different suns. its not sad. its not tragic. its beautiful. its beautiful in every way imaginable. lets stop wishing and hoping and just live. "dont count the seconds make the seconds count". i lust that bond that i began to forget about. about our intense conversations. laughing until we think we are going to die from laughing too hard. not being able to go into a "public place". i lust you danni. i missed you. im amazed at having you back.

i just wrote this and i really like it so i will copy and paste.
R0CK my WURLD: i hate that i wished for last summer
pr1tte p r1n655: i hate that this summer is boring and i have jobs.
R0CK my WURLD: i lust this summer
pr1tte p r1n655: eh fuck that its gay
pr1tte p r1n655: im sick of reading books and webster.
R0CK my WURLD: i think we had fun last year cause we didnt sit and wish and hope and waste time like that. remember appreciating every fucking moment. and just sitting and soaking it in? we didnt sit and worry about not having "enough" or the "right kind" of fun. we just took at as it came and it was a ride. we need to get over fucking being stupid and emo and "not having enough" we have the world.

thats it for now or im going to start like trying to sound insightful and thats lame. later gater

*stagnancy is my only enemy*
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07-12-04 12:34am

there was no way you were getting me into that ice cream shop when i couldnt even look at you without laughing..last time i went somewhere when i was high was to subway and i ordered miracle whip as my cheese... the cape was perfect and you are perfect..and im glad that we can have long conversations about drugs and actually make the conversation sound intelligent..i love the way you drop joints in between rocks and actually find it..thats the beauty of our friendship..we are morons..and thats beautiful.. I LOVE YOU LEON..aka..our drug dealer

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Re:, 07-12-04 12:58am

thats right i can find shit that you think the ocean would have already taken. p.s. it wasnt even wet...

p.p.s. im buddah bitch

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07-12-04 11:08am

thank you meg, i really needed that. more than you'll ever know.

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