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Hiei (profile) wrote,
on 7-13-2004 at 5:07pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Legend Of Mana Theme
Subject: For once, Bored.
Lately I've been bored. I got promoted at work so I don't have to work as many hours. How does that work? Anyway, since I have all this free time on my hands I think I'll get a part time job. Just untill I have to leave for the camp which is.. not that far away from now. The camp incase you haven't been keeping up or you're just an idiot is this Kendo thing I'm volenteering for. We go to Hokkaido and tour these places and learn where Kendo originated from and practise and other.. things. Anyway I applied to a few different places.. A grocery store or two. I usually get stuck unloading the crap at like 2:30 in the morning but this time I put what times I could and can't work. Omi, sorry I didn't bring your DVD back yesterday, I was too lazy. Ahem, I broke my sunglasses again, I need to get new ones.. Oh yes, that thing. Should I live in the sky or what? They've been talking about this: "Tokyo Sky City" for some time now and Xon reminded me of it. It's basically this project to build another city twice as high as the highest sky scraper to date over Tokyo.. Due to the cramped population and all. It seems stupid though, I don't want a damn city falling on my head while I'm walking aimlessly down the street. I don't want a decaying body of some stupid child plastered onto my roof.. And I sure as hell don't want their crap hitting my wind shield! So I'm either moving away, or moving up. That's that. I'm bored.. Thus this entry.
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07-13-04 8:38pm

Doesn't sound too safe where you are living if they do build that thing and that sky thing doesn't even sound safe at all. I've only been up to like a 5 story high building and I think it was a hospital.. so I'm guessing it doesn't count.

That camp sounds pretty interesting.

... DVD? Was it Ichi the Killer? ^^' dude's scary lookin >_<


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blah, 07-15-04 4:06pm

Hey Hiei if u dont like my songs then give me the links that u think are better y'knoe but watever wow u sound hella bored at least you dont babysit ur little cousin all summer long T_T and get grounded by your aunt cause you came home late with ur cousin...*coughs* well watever have a great summer ^_^ bai!

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07-15-04 5:38pm

That was one long sentence..

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07-18-04 8:22pm

yea i knoe it was long....never really paid any attention (spelling?)...

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