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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2004 at 3:27pm
Current mood: really really happy
Music: seether- broken
Subject: happy face a lot
ahhhhhhhh belize for 13 days....SO glad to be home. so glad. went to chili's and got junk food like mad. pigged out. good stuff like that. got home finally after being hugged by everyone at the airport each about three times. talk about too much love. got to talk to nathan and erica and chelsea and tyler. that was good too. haven't talked to any of them the whole time pretty much. missed them SO much. belize was hot. and other than i can't really think of anything to say about it. hahaha- just kidding. it was an experience i'll never forget. beautiful country.....ahem even though we didn't get to really SEE the beautiful part. except for the day we went to the waterfalls. i'm goign there again for my honeymoon. i've declared it. or tahiti. but then again why am i thinking about getting married now? i must have a problem. like hopeless romantic disease or soemthing. and that's ultimately sad. sooo uh- OH YEAH. got the book in the mail that was published with my poetry in it!!!! ahhhh so happy about that. it came today in the mail. that's so freakin cool. and i have a bad habit of saying freakin way too much and there's really no point in saying it. whatever. im thinking too much. and rambling WAY too much. oh and sorry about that long survey in the entry before this...i'm not a big survey person but uh i have friends like chelsea connor who sit me down and make me do it. sigh. oh well. i missed that girl. hahaha


good to be home.
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well i broke the freaking trambone..thats the problem, 07-16-04 12:16am

so you said that your friend chelsea sat you down and made you do the survey, eh?

well..okay i did. i admit it. but you forgot to say your SUPER COOL friend chelsea.

and im nice enough to point out that typo for you. peace. haha

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tyler, 07-16-04 12:43am

Chelsea, I must say that I enjoyed your roll in ''I'm Jessica Simpson'' Very funny, so was ''the freakin' trambone''. You should win an oscar. Can't wait to start the show with you, Lindsey,me,, the blue gold fish, and the rabbit, and last but not least, are bananna suits that we will use to get money from stingy hobos. Keep it gangsta Chels.

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Re: tyler, 07-16-04 10:26pm

hahaa thank you thank you. maybe once we get our money to put the show on air (thanks to the banana suit idea which is sure to bring us in some money-haha) we will all probably get an oscar. lol. this is gonna be good. wait scratch that- GREAT. haha.

keep it mmbop tyler

(im keeping it VERY gangsta) haha

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