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surferskater420 (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2004 at 1:02pm
Current mood: so so so so happpy
Music: blink-182,yellowcard,new found glory,switchfooot.
i am soo sooo happy. christie and i are finally going out....but she leaves on thursday and that sucks sooooo bad.i guess i will see her next summer though.but last night was soooooo cool.we were flirting at safir's house and safir kept telling me to ask her out but i didn't want to in his garage and everytime ii was about to safir would be spying on us or he would say sumthin so i decided to ask when we were walking down to meet the srm van.then in the house i tried to kiss her but she started to have a panic attack.then on the road i heasitated and finally 2/3's of the way down i said christie will you go out with me...and she oh yes then we kissed.then safir said we should kiss in front of him cause he wanted to see so we did and he said it wasn't good enough so we did again.then kuuipo wanted to see so we did,but when we did her head was turned and she didn't see so we did again.then we walked down w/ our arms around eachother.then we had to stop at the bottom of the road cause we were afraid safir's mom would see us when she came home.then at srm we held hands the whole time.....but no kissing cause we didn't want to at church.but i like had to shoo away like 3 guys that were hitting on her....luis was on the van and he like hept putting his arm around her and she was all like i am going out with kaya and putting his arm back on his own side and after a long time he finally stopped. then a church bubba was al like "is this your g-friend/and i was all like yeah/and he was all like how old is she,where does she live,what shcool does she go to ,whats her name,when is she going back?/then right there i told him to go away.then when we were about to leave on the van reggie told jasmina to tell her that he wants to meet her but he is too shy....then she said i guess he doesn't know i am taken...and put her arm inside mine.then on the ride home we held eachothers hand and she leaned on me....and the guys behind us were being totall dickheads.but we kissed a bunch of times.i love her soooooo much and she is the hottest girl i have ever seen.she isn't like any other girl i have ever met. she is diffrent.she has such and incredible personality and the body of a super model ....the creativity of an artist and the intelligence of a nurse.i love her soooooo much. i can't stand being a minute without her.i love you christie!!!
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