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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2004 at 7:01pm
Current mood: bored out of my mind tired mad pouting not really
Music: not liking this very much
Subject: lotsa stuff and stuff like that
havent updated in awhile..i guess it might be because of my wonderful perfect life that stays so busy and everything. i don't know. everybody just like loves me.


very funny.

actually it's only been a few days since i've updated and i've actually done a lot of nothing because i just got back from belize adn i mean who comes back from Belize CENTRAL AMERICA where toilets don't even flush toilet paper with juicy details and drama to tell about. so there goes that.

i saw spiderman 2. i told nathan it was kind of cheesy and comic bookish. but we came to the conclusion that it was probably because it's like a comic book or something. hmm

im so bored.

chelsea freaking rocks my world.
i just figured i'd put that in here...cause she's awesome. hahaha
LOVE that girl.

tyler don't worry you're going to get your own journal dedicated to you and your guitar skills and curly hair and all out craziness. just not now. :)

let's see. events of the day i could tell you about. cleaned the house. folded a buttload of clothes. went to pizza hut- HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY. came home, got told i couldn't go to taht rockin party in Leland. ..hahaha..not laughing cause i couldn't go- just at the thought of a party in leland. but still- i was mad. i wanted to go. and now i'm sitting at my computer thinking about ordering a pizza.

recent thoughts.
that vindicated song kind of bothers me. i mean he says he's selfish and wrong, and then he's right and he swears he's right, he swears he knew it all along..c'mon now dashboard guy. you're slipping. you gotta know if you're wrong or right before you sing about it and confuse the girl you're singing to. geeez

okay my mind has quit rambling for now. and i mean i know you're sad that i'm ending all this ultimately awesome thoughts of mine adn juicy drama i'm letting you in on. i know. i know. it's okay though. i'll be back tomorrow. i think.

PEACE. kind of easy.
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its peace easy or no easy..theres no in between, 07-17-04 10:20pm

yeah that chelsea girl is awesome i must say im madly in love with her and shes great and blah blah blah.

oh man, i got myself talking in third person again. oh well :)

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